Optimize your Costs in the Cloud

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We analyze your cloud usage and costs, identifying resources with high potential for optimization. From the types of computational instances, the database models used, the classes of storage chosen and patterns of use of resources over time. So we can focus on what is really important and can bring real savings to the customer.

From a precise analytical process, carried out by our professionals with years of experience in resource optimization, capacity planning, software resilience, DevOps and security, we deliver real savings results without impacting the availability, capacity and security of the systems.

Use the cloud properly: pay only for the actual use of resources. We understand the cloud as a business ally, which helps and promotes agile innovation in your company's processes with costs reduction. We provide a broad view of costs in the cloud, allowing conscious and efficient choices regarding resources usage.

Conscious and efficient cloud use
Balance between performance and cost
Identification of idle resources



Veezor is a joint venture formed by the union between Forte Network and Tink!, which together add up to more than 20 years of experience providing the best information technology solutions for its various customers. We combine the best of both companies, selecting the best professionals, to provide excellent services and focusing on the best cost-benefit result for our customers.


Promote efficiency in the use of resources in the cloud, reducing costs with computing, traffic and storage, through the identification of idle resources, usage patterns, inefficient software architectures and more economical contracting modalities, while maintaining the focus on the capacity, scalability, resilience and security of our customers' applications. That is our mission.


We are specialists in Amazon Web Services, being part of the AWS partner ecosystem as an Advanced Partner. Our team has more than 10 years of experience with AWS cloud resources, a team formed by certified cloud architects and constantly updated, to bring to customers the most modern in the market in an efficient and economical way.